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Recent Publications

46) Blume, O.J., Guitard, E., Crann, C.A., Orekhov, M., Amos, R.T., Clark, I.D., Lapen, D.R., Blowes, D.W., Ptacek, C.J., Craiovan, E., Sunohara, M.D. (2022). Relationships between carbon age and CO2 efflux in agricultural and drainage ditch soils using the thermonuclear bomb-pulse. Accepted: Vadose Zone Journal.

44) Bailey, B.L., Amos, R.T., Blowes, D.W., Moore, M.L., Ptacek, C.J., Smith, L., Sego, D.C. (2022). Diavik Waste Rock Project: Predicting field-scale waste-rock drainage quality from humidity cell experiments. In Press: Economic Geology.

40) McNeill, B.J., Pakostova, E., Bain, J.G., Gould, W.D., Amos, R.T., Wilson, G.W., Ptacek, C.J., Blowes, D.W. (2020). Microbial community structure within a weathered waste-rock pile overlain by a monolayer soil cover. Applied Geochemistry, 114.

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36) Wilson, D., Amos, R.T., Blowes, D.W., Langman, J.B., Ptacek, C.J., Smith, L., Sego, D.C. (2018). Diavik Waste Rock Project: A conceptual model for temperature and sulfide-content dependent geochemical evolution of waste rock - laboratory scale. Applied Geochemistry, 89, 160-172.

35) Bao, Z., Haberer, C.M., Maier, U., Amos, R.T., Blowes, D.W., Grathwohl, P. (2017).   Modeling controls on the chemical weathering of marine mudrocks from the Middle Jurassic in Southern Germany. Chemical Geology, 459, 1-12.

34) Langman, J., Blowes, D.W., Amos, R.T., Atherton, C., Wilson, D., Smith, L., Sego, D., Sinclair, S. (2017). Influence of a Tundra Freeze-Thaw Cycle on Sulfide Oxidation and Metal Leaching in a Low Sulfur, Granitic Waste Rock. Applied Geochemistry, 76, 9-21.

33) Langman, J., Veeramani, H., Blowes, D., Bailey, B., Wilson, D., Smith, L., Sego, D. Amos, R. Holland, S. (2017). Waste Rock Biogeochemistry in a Permafrost Environment: Examination of a Cover Design for a Low Sulfide, Granitic Waste Rock. Geomicrobiology Journal, 34, 656-669.

32) Sanz-Prat, A., Lu, C., Amos, R.T., Finkel, M., Blowes, D.W., Cirpka, O.A. (2016). Exposure-Time Based Modeling of Nonlinear Reactive Transport in Porous Media Subject to Physical and Geochemical Heterogeneity. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 192, 35-49.

31) Bao, Z., Haberer, C.M., Maier, U., Beckingham, B., Amos, R.T., Grathwohl, P. (2016) Modeling short-term concentration fluctuations of semi-volatile pollutants in the soil-plant-atmosphere system. Science of the Total Environment, 569-570, 159-167.

30) Bao, Z., Haberer, C., Maier, U., Beckingham, B., Amos, R.T., Grathwohl, P. (2015). Modeling long-term uptake and re-volatilization of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) across the soil-atmosphere interface. Science of the Total Environment, 538, 789-801. 

29) Sinclair, S.A., Pham, N., Amos, R.T., Blowes, D.W., Sego, D.C., Smith, L. (2015). Influence of Freeze-Thaw Dynamics on Internal Geochemical Evolution of Low Sulfide Waste Rock. Applied Geochemistry, 61, 160-174.

28) Langman, J.B., Blowes, D.W., Sinclair, S.A., Krentz, A., Amos, R.T., Smith, L.J.D., Pham, N.H., Sego, D.C., Smith, L. (2015). Early evolution of weathering and sulfide depletion of a low-sulfur, granitic, waste rock in an Arctic climate: a laboratory and field site comparison. J. Geochemical Exploration, 156, 61-71.

27) Ng, G.-H. C., Bekins, B.A., Cozzarelli, I.M., Baedecker, M.J., Bennett, P.C., Amos, R.T. Herkelrath, W. (2015). Reactive Transport Modeling of Geochemical Controls on Secondary Water Quality Impacts at a Crude Oil Spill Site near Bemidji, MN. Water Resources Research, doi: 10.1002/2015WR016964.

26) Jamieson-Hanes, J.H., Amos, R.T., Blowes, D.W. Ptacek, C.J. (2015). Dual mechanism conceptual model for Cr(VI) isotope fractionation during reduction by zero-valent iron under saturated flow conditions. Environmental Science & Technology, 49, 5467-5475.

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