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MIN3Pro is an intuitive, user-friendly interface for the reactive transport code MIN3P

MIN3P is a versatile reactive transport code for simulating physical transport and geochemical reactions in variably saturated porous media. The model has been used to simulate a wide range of field and laboratory-based experiments, primarily focused on the fate and transport of contaminants in soil and groundwater. Please see the list of publications for examples of various MIN3P applications.

MIN3Pro is a graphical, Windows-based interface that allows novice and experiened users to easily set-up and run complex models and provides an effective tool for teaching reactive transport modelling theory and skills.

If you are interested in using MIN3Pro, request a password from

MIN3Pro Version 2.2.2


Download the installation file by clicking the link. Run the installation file and follow the prompts. Note: you may need to provide permissions for the program to install depending on your operating system and security software.

Upon installation MIN3Pro will install a 'MIN3Projects' folder, typically in your Documents folder, that contains example files and is the default location for storing your modelling projects. It is strongly recommended that this folder be backed up on a regular basis as it contains all the critical information on your modelling projects. 

To update software remove the previous version using Windows' remove programs feature, then download and install the new version. Note: the MINProjects folder should not be affected when installing a new version; however, we recommend that the MIN3Projects folder be backed-up before installing a new version of MIN3Pro.

Older Versions:

Download MIN3Pro V1.2.3

Download MIN3Pro V2.1.3