PhD Opportunity - Copper Corrosion

PhD Opportunity - Winter 2023

In collaboration with the Canadian Nuclear Energy Commission we are seeking a PhD student to investigate corrosion processes and rates in copper barriers proposed to be used on storage containers for used nuclear fuel in deep geological repositories (DGR) in Canada. The project will involve literature review of proposed and in-use corrosion barriers in Canadian and international DGR designs, detailed laboratory experiments to investigate processes, rates and controlling factors, and numerical models to further understand processes and forecast barrier longevity.

The successful candidate must hold an MSc degree with training in earth science or engineering with specific expertise in corrosion processes, geochemistry (including redox procesess) or related fields. Interested candidates should send a CV, statement of research interests (no more than one page) and a copy of graduate and undergraduate transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable at this point) to Prof. Richard Amos ( Candidtes who's native language is not english should also send proof of english language proficiency.