Professor George R. Dix

I grew up on the edge of a Pleistocene glacial valley that became part of Toronto’s parklands. Days spent wandering the valley, which had a misfit meandering river, and discovering point bars, rarely preserved armoured mud balls, till, quicksand, and floods provided a natural introduction to geology.

My initial interest was oceanography, but after Dalhousie and UBC told me to pick a science and come back for graduate work, I travelled the geological road eventually returning to an oceanographic framework for my research in sedimentology and teaching (see Courses).

CURRENT RESEARCH (Carleton university)


Nkechi Oruche

    Jan 2014 -
    Topic:  Sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Ordovician distal Taconic foreland, Ottawa Embayment.



Wilder Greenman
    Sept 2015 -    (Co-supervisor: Dr. Rob Rainbird, GSC-Ottawa)

    Topic:  Proterozoic mixed siliciclastic-carbonate succession, Arctic Canada

He Kang

    Sept 2015 -
    Topic:  Geology of Paleozoic limestone and dolostone outliers, upper Ottawa-Bonnechere graben

Neil Prowse

    Sept 2014 -    (Co-supervisor:  Dr. Donald Cummings, consultant)

    Topic:  Eskers as diamond exploration tools (with GSC-Yukon). I am sure that there must be

               carbonate clasts in those eskers!)

Mark Vangel
    Sept 2016
    Topic: Stratigraphy and sedimentology of earliest Devonian basin fill, Port au Port Peninsula, wNL

Dr. Christian Salazar (Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Santiago, Chile)

    Project in development examining late Jurassic-early Cretaceous mixed siliciclastic-carbonate

    platforms in forearc and marginal (foreland) basins

Professor Ana Parras, Universidad de La Pampa (Santa Rosa, Argentina)

    Future project: continuing study of Oligocene-Miocene carbonates in southern Patagonia

Professor Elliot Burden, Department of Earth Sciences, Memorial University

    Projects: Origin of carbonate breccias in the Upper Ordovician Winterhouse Formation, NL

    Future: Silurian foreland succession ,western Newfoundland

current / proposed research COLLABORATors