basin analysis and carbonate geology

stratigraphy, Sedimentology, diagenesis


Research is related to carbonate geology carried out by myself, graduate students, and associated colleagues in the department and from other universities. This work is cast within framework of basin analysis; examining specific attributes of carbonate buildups, volcanic ash deposits, hydrothermal mineralization, and, diagenesis and patterns of fluid flow. Currently, work is concentrating on the Ordovician foreland succession of central Canada (Ontario) and equivalent rocks in western Newfoundland; the Tertiary of Argentina; and, the Jurassic-Cretaceous of Chile.

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PhD candidate Nkechi Oruche, in collaboration with Dr. S Kamo (UToronto), has recently determined a zircon-based age (435.5 + 0.5 Ma) for the Millbrig bentonite discovered in a quarry in eastern Ontario. This will offer a new perspective on timing of volcanism with development of the Ottawa graben relative to regions (e.g., New York) that lay beyond the graben’s boundaries


Professor George R. Dix,


Carleton UniveRsity

Photos: top left, orthocone (measuring stick = 1.2 m) in Upper Ordovician carbonates, near Arnprior, ON; top right, Monte Leon Fm, Argentina, with carbonate event beds; bottom left, bentonite filling burrows, Upper Ordovician, Ottawa Valley; bottom centre, coastline along Monte Leon National Park, Argentina;;bottom right, Tetradium (coral)

bioherms, upper Lowville Fm (Upper Ordovician)