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Dr. Fred Gaidies

Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences




Veidneskluppen, Finnmark, July 2018

Current Graduate Students

Olivier Heldwein
MSc candidate

BScH (Earth Sciences), 2017, University of Vienna

For his BScH project, Olivier spent a lot of time in the clean lab investigating meteoritic airfall beds to trace the meteoritic components and find out how the platinum group elements partition during giant impacts.
Olivier's MSc project focusses on the micro-structural and tectono-metamorphic P-T-x-t evolution of pelites from Finnmark (N-Norway). This project takes place in collaboration with Dr. H. Rice (University of Vienna) and will help decipher the geological history of this part of Europe's North.
Funding for this project is through a NSERC Discovery Grant.


Sabastien Dyer
MSc candidate (NSERC scholar)

BScH (Earth Sciences), 2018, University of Toronto

For his BScH thesis, Sabastien studied melt inclusions in rocks from Chichijima in the Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc. Using LA-ICP-MS and EPMA he was able to determine the Pd and Au content of these melt inclusions. Using simple modelling techniques, Sabastien discovered trends and relationships which provided information on the behavior of these elements in the evolution of boninite volcanics..
During his MSc project, Sabastien investigates the timing, rates and conditions of metamorphism experienced by rocks of a part of the Yukon-Tanana terrane in the Florence Range of the Rocky Mountains. This area is a poorly understood region of the Canadian Cordillera in Northern British Columbia.

This research is conducted in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Canada.
Funding for this project is through a NSERC Discovery Grant.


The Bugaboo team (August 2013): B. Hamilton (Calgary), F. Gaidies and A. Petley-Ragan (Carleton), R. Nair and D. Pattison (Calgary)