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Dr. Fred Gaidies

Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences



Chopta Valley in March 2015, near the village of Thangu, North Sikkim, India


My research focuses on a better understanding of the mechanisms and rates of fundamental rock-forming processes such as nucleation, crystal growth and chemical diffusion and how they depend on changes of pressure, temperature and chemical environment with time during rock evolution. I am especially interested in the kinetics of these processes and how they contribute to the mineral content, mineral chemistry and texture of a rock. I study features such as chemical zoning of crystals or the size and spatial distribution of mineral grains in rocks and compare these findings with results obtained through numerical simulations. For details of my research please click here.


I teach undergraduate classes on mineralogy and petrology, metamorphic petrology, and field geology and graduate courses on the kinetics and thermodynamics of mineral reactions. For details of my teaching click here.



The contact of the Bugaboo batholith at Cobalt Lake, SE British Columbia, August 2013