hawaii 2008


Claire Samson, a geophysicist in our department, and I planned this trip for almost two years.  We wanted to keep the groups size down to around 20 students from Carleton University.  We ended up with over 30 students from both Carleton and the University of Ottawa, geologists from the Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (Yellowknife) and Italy, and two retired geologists from Ottawa.  It was a fabulous group, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip.  It also helped that Kilauea was erupting at two locations!  The VOG was pretty bad on a couple of days, I must admit, terrible air quality in Hilo and in Kona at times.  But this is paradise.....  so lets see some pictures!  Click HERE to see the video and a photo folder of the trip on You Tube (58 minutes).

Hawaii Field Course 2008